• Pressure Booster System


    A Pressure Boosting Set primarily consists of pumps, a control panel and accumulator (to meet small demands), all packaged with valves to provide water throughout the system. Controlled either by Pressure, Flow or Float Switch sensing, the pumps automatically run until the demand is fulfilled. Sophisticated controls ensure that operation of the pump is rotated to provide even usage so that in the unlikely event that a pump should fail the standby pump is immediately activated to provide unremitting supply. Additionally, the  
    sets are protected against an interruption of the water supply so that the pumps are not run dry causing expensive damage. A range of alarm conditions provides the user with information regarding the status o both the booster sets and system

    1) Constant pressure can be set via the PLC Controller to ensure maximum comfort.
    2) Optimum Energy saving and Minimum Water Wastage.
    3)Different timings of operation can be set using the timer function.
    4) Auto-change over after set timings of individual pump.
    5) Digital indication of number of pumps running at a time, power consumed by pump, voltage taken pump, number of working hours of each pump.
    6) Highly efficient energy savings pumps.
    7) Low operating and maintenance cost.

    1) Power saving by reducing pump's running time
    2) Eliminate Bulky Over Head Tank
    3) Dry-running protection facility and built-in time relays for ensuring constant and steady operation.